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Alone Together is a two player rogue-like with couch cooperative elements.

Work together with your friend to explore the many districts, collect cartridges to enhance your combat ability, and find the switch to end the uprising.

Our game takes place after the fall of humanity. Where the technological singularity has enabled artificial intelligence to take over the world of man. The players take the role of cyborgs that were programmed to stop the robotic uprising that has oppressed mankind. 

Players explore the various districts that open up as the players destroy the mechanical tyrants. Various environments that may have burning buildings or abandoned tanks, procedurally generated each different run. A different experience each play through.

Players also collect cartridges that can enhance the players' toolkits. Abilities that can increase their stats as well as heal every time they attack or increase player mobility. What kind of abilities will the two of you find together in your journey?

Our game takes inspiration from the dungeon crawler style of rogue-likes with the premise of a post-apocalyptic, dystopian, fallen society. 

Our game requires the use of two Xbox controllers plugged in before running the build for the intended experience of play.

Credits to Team Overscoped in ICS169A&B

Blake Wakasa - Programming

Luis Luna - Game Designer & Programming

Michael Kirk - Programming

Molina Mey - 3D Art

Sean Kim - Game Designer & Production

Wayne Zhu - 2D Art & Programming


AloneTogether_Final_Winter2020_Build.zip 68 MB

Install instructions

Ensure that two Xbox controllers are available to use with the build.

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