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Alone Together takes place in a sci-fi, dystopian world taken over by robots who have wiped out human society.

Our heroes are two robots who are working together to take out the robot outbreak and help save human society. The two will be journeying together, learning more about their capabilities and each other throughout the journey. Players are going on this journey to take out robots and grow stronger together, as they cannot save this world alone. Will our heroes stop this robot outbreak? Or will fall and finalize the humans’ extinction.

dystopian city

overgrown city

To capture the dystopian nature of the game, we are using darker colors to evoke that sense of an abandoned society. Planning to use more gray and brown colors with possibly overgrown plants to show the low maintenance in our world. The enemies will be darker reds, blues, and blacks to evoke hostile pieces. The players will be brighter colors to contrast our world. We will also be using music that sounds more techno to present our more sci-fi style world and rock music to present the dangers of our world.


wolfenstein guard bot

Our game is a 3D, roguelike, cooperative beat-em up. Our core gameplay will be a mix of combat against the robots of the world as well as the exploration of the world we place the two players in. The players will have 4 default abilities that they can use at the start of the game. The players can switch out abilities and learn new abilities that they find in the world through chests and possible enemy drops. Abilities such as dashing and spin attacking so that they can defeat their enemies much quicker. We also will be designing some abilities to synergize with each other, enhancing them when used with our second player. This drives the pillar of our game being cooperative, enticing our players to try and experiment combos between the two of them. If the players finish a session or die, they run the game again but with a different layout which drives our pillar on replayability, allowing players to try out new builds and explore a new area.   

The ideal players of our game are players who love cooperative games and are looking for a game that will test not only their skill but their bond with each other. Players who have played action games and rogue-likes will also thrive within our game. Players who also are able to adapt with the tools they are given are also ideal due to the elements of randomness within our game.  A pair of players with all of these skills will love our game. 


AloneTogetherBuildOct19.zip 31 MB
AloneTogetherBuildOct29.zip 23 MB
AloneTogetherFallFinalBuild.zip 42 MB

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