Hey peasants, bow down to Chaos Kitty! 🐈‍⬛
She knows where most things belong…beneath her.

Help her knock down as many things as possible— all while staying away from angry humans. 

Controls 🐾

  • Shift or Left Click - Attack and knock down objects
  • E - Hide in containers
  • A/D or Left/Right Arrow - Move Left/Right
  • Spacebar - Jump

Gameplay 🕹️

Knock down as many things as possible within a time limit. You’ll unlock new things to knock down every time Chaos Kitty completes a loop. But be careful! Get caught by an angry human and it’s game over. So try to run away or hide in containers when danger is near.

But that’s not all. She’s stuck in a Chaotic Loop! 🙀

Every time Chaos Kitty tries to leave a place, she loops back until everything is knocked down. Whenever a new loop begins, she gets less time to knock everything down! 

How did we apply the B&W Jam theme “loop”? 

We interpreted the theme by making the level loop. Every loop, the timer goes down faster and new knockable items are unlocked!

How did we fit the restriction for the B&W Jam?

Chaos Kitty is a black cat in a black and white world.

Bugs 🐛

Just some things we couldn't fix before the deadline.

  • When players press the pause button, they will also swipe
  • Player animations may not play correctly.
  • Swipe hitbox is a little funky. Just swipe everything and smack to your heart's content.
  • Objects can be knocked down to oblivion and cease to exist.
  • There may be jitter when players move on the ice cream truck.
  • More of an issue than a bug, but there are no indicators for what the kitty can knock down.
  • Teenager animation can be backward.
  • Another issue, we didn't have time to put images in the gameplay controls page.
  • The last objective text doesn't show up, which is "Knock down all the clouds!"
  • If you rapidly click in the beginning of the web version, the  audio system will glitch out and not play any music.


Team Members 

With some members from  SupKal and Friends.

All team members contributed to the game design. All art and audio assets were created by the team with love except for one pixel art font which is Rainy Hearts.

🛠️ Dev 

  • SurpriseOrb
    • Programmer
  • Victor
    • Programmer

💪 Production

  • Natalie (NatCatCute)
    •  Producer
  • SurpriseOrb
    • Production Assistant

🎨 Art 

  • Kristen (krisc)
    • Audio Designer and Implementer

  • Jaqui (LittleMissLeeStories)
    •  Game Designer (Lead) 
    •  Artist (Lead)
    • Writer
  • Natalie (NatCatCute)
    • Artist (Chief Kitty Liquifier) 

Special Thanks 🙏

  • Riley
    • QA Tester
  • Cute cats everywhere
    • Meme kitties
    • Catloafs
    • Floofers
    • Chonkers
    • Furbabies
    • Liquid cats


liquid-kitty-windows-x64.zip 29 MB
Version 0 Apr 12, 2022

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