A game made for Brackeys Game Jam 2022.1 with the theme “it is not real”.

When you return back to your home town, not everything is as it seems. Use your handy dandy magnifying glass to reveal what’s hidden and give a reason for folks to have a real smile.


  • Left Mouse Click to interact with interactable objects
  • When Applicable
    • Space to interact with NPC
    • WASD/ARROW keys for player movement

Known Bugs

  • Some sound effects will not work.
  • Outline shader on draggable objects is too small to notice.
  • Quit button freezes the game


Team Members

With some members from SupKal and Friends.


  • [Anonymous] : Level 5 Sensitivity Reader

Audio: 3rd Party Assets

Updated 28 days ago
AuthorsSupriseOrb, Victor Zhou

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