You, a freshly graduated university transfer student, moments after graduating are struck by a rogue truck and killed. However, Uncle Death takes pity on you, and gives you a second chance at life. He gives you one year to obtain a life card to pay him back. Seeing little other options, you accept and are thrust back into the world of the living wherein you are tasked with three (four) ways of obtaining a life card.

Wayne Zhu - Programmer/Artist/Writer
Blake Wakasa - Programmer
Molina Mey - Artist/Producer
Kyle Jones - Designer/Programmer/Writer

Comic Sans

Music: Unity Asset Store

Install instructions

Download the zip file for the operating system you own. Unzip the file and enjoy Life Card!


Life Card Final Mac 33 MB
Life Card Final Windows 34 MB


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a good concept, and a well put together game. good work.