A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

--Update 6/8/2019--
Currently Character Interaction doesn't work.
Also, there's no quit button during game play so press alt+F4 to quit the game. 

Sword Cat is a 3D Collection Action Game.  You play as a small cat with sword wings chase after and deliver tumble yarn, a valuable resource in the desert oasis town.


Mouse and KeyboardController
MovementWASD + Mouse (Camera)Left and Right Sticks
InteractionSpace BarA
Shoot Left Sword (+ Teleport to Left Sword if Attached to Object)Left Mouse ClickLeft Trigger
Recall Left SwordLeft Bumper
Shoot Right Sword (+ Teleport to Right Sword if Attached to Object)Right Mouse ClickRight Trigger
Recall Right SwordRight Bumper


Audio - Kristen

3D Cat Modeler and Producer - Molina

Designer - Sean 

Programmers - Xavier and Conan

Writer - Riley


SwordCatWindows.zip 70 MB
SwordCatMac.app.zip 70 MB

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