How do you tell the love of your life how you feel about them? Well sometimes, you need a little help. Water? Love! Wine?! is a short game where you help Rheis build up the courage to talk to their crush Flora during a very special party. The only problem? Whether by a lack of sufficient sleep, something or another from the party, or a general anxiety of talking to others, Rheis isn’t quite all there. 

An entry for the first Community Jam on Itch, WLW tackles the theme of “The Game is A Liar” by not telling the whole truth of the situation at hand. The intention is to obscure what is actually happening for comedic effect.

WASD to move
Mouse to interact
ESC to pause

SupriseOrb - Programming, Art, Concept
Riley Park - Dialogue
Kristen Campbell - Audio

References to alcohol, but no consumptions shown. The Team does not condone underage or excessive drinking. Please take care of yourselves, get plenty of sleep, and drink water, not alcohol.


FinalWLWWindows.zip 21 MB


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i like the idea, is pretty fun. but i would like to point out that the end is a little pretty predictable, even if is fun to see, maybe you could put more problems to find out. also, the inclusive theme this has is a little too obvious, i mean, including is nice, but too much can be odd if you dont measure it. thanks for reading

THIS IS SO CUTE <333333 10/10 would M'theydy again.


Thank you uwu