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Studio 100% Normal presents UNDERWORLD.exe



In the dystopian cyber future, Hades Inc. has been hoarding cloud space for a secret project Underworld. Attempting to uncover the inevitably evil scheme, your significant other has been trapped in the cloud. Now you must enter UNDERWORLD.exe and rescue them. The program immediately pulls you in, trapping you as well. But just before you are sucked into cyberspace, you manage to slip a few MP4 files into the code, leaving you with one weapon against your Malware captors.


25XX, Hades Inc. has made a revolutionary advancement. They found how to extract the essence of humanity and digitize it. Advertising their software as UNDERWORLD.exe, Hades Inc. promised that life goes on in cyberspace. Attempts to uncover what UNDERWORLD.exe is has led to dead ends and investigators vanishing. The latest vanishing, Vermillion. Before they disappeared, they gave UNDERWORLD.exe to Azure, partner to Vermillion and greatest musician of the era. Azure must now enter UNDERWORLD.exe and find what happened to Vermillion.


Rhythm Based Bullet Hell Boss Rush


  • Feel the beat flow through your cyber veins as you dodge, slash, and play music to cutdown your Malware captors.
  • Players are able to move, dodge, and attack freely, with bonuses given on dodging and attacking on the beat.
  • Fast-paced gameplay with tight controls
  • Bullet hell combat where the screen is full of deadly projectiles


In this three-quarters 2D game, cyberpunk meets Greek mythology, where familiar Greek mythology figures come to life in cyberspace such as Firewall Cerberus. To simulate the look and feel of cyberspace, the game’s color palette consists of mostly black with accent colors of electric blue, magenta, and red/orange.

As a rhythm based game, our music genre will focus on EDM/electro music with inspirations from the track Escapism (Nekodex Remix) from cYsmix’s album Escapism and Sonic Forces’ ost Battle with Infinite: First Bout. Since our main character is concepted to fight with an axe guitar, the featured instrument among our tracks will be a guitar.

Ideal Player

Meet Kyle, a 16 year-old elite gamer who’s passionate about Greek mythology and rhythm games and claims to be a DDR master.. They enjoy high apm games with lots of action and tight timing tasks. In their free time, Kyle will be proactively aggressively vibing to electronic music while reading up on Greek stories or making headcanons and concepts about Greek mythos figures in the modern day or futuristic world. They don’t take sides during disputes, but enjoy creating a chaotic environment, leaving quite a few folks disgruntled.


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