UNDERWORLD.exe Build 1 Available!

Team 100% Normal is back with our first playable build. This version of UNDERWORLD.exe has the very basics: you can move, attack, and dodge while hearing the amazing music from our wonderful Audio Designer Kristen. But Hades Inc...hasn't made the most advanced enemy AI just yet. It's still very annoying and revives just to come back and haunt me ugh. 

Anyways, enjoy the peace and simplicity while you can before Hades Inc evolves! Mwuhahahahaha. Until next time~

Known Bugs

  • There is a big lag in the notes in the beginning
  • Reticle cursor stays from gameplay scene to main menu.
  • Players can act multiple times on one beat.
  • Dodging doesn't make you invulnerable.
  • Clicking out of the gameplay window causes weird behavior (which is fixed as soon as players click back to the gameplay window).
  • There is no "win" state. It has not been programmed yet.

Special Thanks

  • To our QA testers Aerik, Telimus, and Kat who were able to figure out that we need more specific download instructions so that UNDERWORLD.exe doesn't crash and burn...too hard.


UnderworldWindows64.zip 26 MB
Nov 01, 2020
UnderworldWindows.zip 23 MB
Nov 01, 2020
UnderworldMac.app.zip 26 MB
Nov 01, 2020
UnderworldLinux.zip 28 MB
Nov 01, 2020


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