UNDEWORLD.exe Build 3 Available!

Just patching up some bugs from last week. But if you squash some bugs...more come out of nowhere!

Known Bugs

  • During ragdoll --> Hit Escape --> Open Pause Menu --> Hit Escape --> Close Pause Menu --> Can control dead body until "You Lose"
  • When you lose --> hit escape --> Open Pause Menu --> Can't press escape to close pause menu
  • Lose screen --> Pause Menu --> Exit Pause Menu --> Can break string
  • When you lose/win and click out, pause menu opens up on top of the lose/win screen
  • Getting hit by multiple objects does weird things to the health UI (When number of bullets that hit you exceed the number of health you have left, you will gain invincibility bug)


underworld-linux.zip 43 MB
Version 1 Nov 17, 2020
underworld-osx.zip 41 MB
Version 4 Nov 17, 2020
underworld-windows-x64.zip 41 MB
Version 4 Nov 17, 2020
underworld-windows-x86.zip 38 MB
Version 4 Nov 17, 2020


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