A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Studio 100% Normal presents UNDERWORLD.exe

The Story So Far

25XX, Hades Inc. has made a revolutionary advancement. They found how to extract the essence of humanity and digitize it. Advertising their software as UNDERWORLD.exe, Hades Inc. promised that life goes on in cyberspace. Attempts to uncover what UNDERWORLD.exe is has led to dead ends and investigators vanishing. The latest vanishing, Vermillion. Before they disappeared, they gave UNDERWORLD.exe to Azure, partner to Vermillion and greatest musician of the era. Azure must now enter UNDERWORLD.exe and find what happened to Vermillion.


Rhythm Based Bullet Hell Boss Rush

Controller Scheme

Keyboard + Mouse




Mouse Right Click


Mouse Left Click

Attack Aim


The Team: 100% Normal

  • SupriseOrb (they/them) : Programmer / Producer
  • Victor Zhou (he/him) : Programmer / Designer
  • Conall Barrett (he/him) : System and Gameplay Designer
  • Kristen Campbell (she/her) : Audio Designer
  • Isaac Huerta (he/him) : Designer/Writer

Special Credits

  • Aerik : Mac QA Tester
  • Kat : Linux Tester
  • Telimus : Linux & Windows QA Tester


underworld-windows-x86.zip 38 MB
Version 15 Mar 18, 2021
underworld-windows-x64.zip 42 MB
Version 1 Mar 18, 2021
underworld-linux.zip 43 MB
Version 12 Mar 18, 2021
underworld-osx.zip 41 MB
Version 15 Mar 18, 2021

Install instructions

Windows & Mac

  • No special instructions. Just normal unzipping and you should be able to play the game.


  • Make sure you have libSDL2 installed.
    • For Ubuntu & Ubuntu based distros
      • Use the command "sudo apt install libSDL2"
    • For Arch Linux
      • Use the command "sudo pacman -S sdl2"
    • For other distros
      • Please install SDL2 using your distribution's package manager.

Development log

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