UNDEWORLD.exe Build 2 Available!

Hello! Team 100% Normal is here with another update.


  • You can now win the game by defeating Firewall Cerberus (the orange blob in the middle).
  • Firewall Cerberus has two new attacks. (It's starting to feel more like a bullet hell now).
  • Players can now only perform (1) on-beat action per beat. On-beat actions include attacking and dodging.
  • There is an audio options in the main menu.
  • Some visuals have been updated!

Known Bugs

  • There is a big lag in the notes in the beginning.
  • Reticle cursor stays from gameplay scene to main menu.
  • Sometimes players can triple shoot in one beat.
  • Dodging doesn't make you invulnerable.
  • Clicking out of the gameplay window causes weird behavior (which is fixed as soon as players click back to the gameplay window).
  • When streaming, the game lags a lot.
  • When you defeat Firewall Cerberus, the portal doesn't show up sometimes (but it's still there!)
  • Audio options UI does not update properly after scene changes.


UnderworldWindows32.zip 25 MB
Nov 08, 2020
UnderworldWindows64.zip 28 MB
Nov 08, 2020
UnderworldMac.zip 28 MB
Nov 08, 2020
UnderworldLinux.zip 30 MB
Nov 08, 2020


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